We are committed to providing partners with innovative solutions in addressing climate change, carbon neutrality and green energy

What we do

Carbon offset project development
Carbon offset is an important part of the carbon market, we develop and provide additionality and high integrity offset project only, to help our partners complete the net zero carbon transition.
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Asset management
We provide a variety of financial instruments in primary and secondary markets, offer an innovative asset management portfolio as well, to meet the needs of partners across and carbon and power markets and different regions
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Power trading
We not only provide competitive long-term fixed price and monthly floating contracts, but also provide cross market
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Why we do

It is in line with the national carbon peak and carbon neutralization target and the net zero emission target of the Paris Agreement.

Our expertise and experience enable us to create value for our partners in climate change and sustainable development investments.

Climate change is a topic of global concern. People deeply realize that climate change will have an unpredictable impact on the environment, society and economy.